April will fight for:

April with kids

Strong Public Education

I am a staunch supporter of high-quality public schools. I stand with parents and educators in their efforts to ensure the best possible education for all of our students. Vouchers, for which my opponent is an advocate, weaken our public schools by diverting tax dollars away from public education and into private and religious schools. I believe that education tax dollars should be used to make every public school the best it can be for all of our students.

  • Charter Schools: April knows that vouchers weaken our public schools by diverting tax dollars away from public education and into private and religious schools. We should work to make our public schools as strong as they can be.
  • Funding: April believes that education tax dollars should be used to make every public school the best it can be for all of our students. No public funds for private education.
  • Trade Schools / Vocational Education: April believes that trade schools and vocational education play a very important role in our education system. All secondary students should have full knowledge of these opportunities.
  • Higher Education: April believes that we should remove impediments to higher education. Higher education should be seen as an investment in our young people and our society.

april with people

Access to Quality Healthcare

In 2018, Virginia’s General Assembly finally approved Medicaid expansion. My opponent fought against expansion for years, trying to prevent 400,000 of our fellow Virginians from gaining access to reasonably priced healthcare services. I will work hard to ensure that the expansion is implemented fully and fairly.

  • Accessibility: April believes that Virginians deserve access to quality affordable healthcare, and will work hard to ensure that the Medicaid expansion is implemented fully and fairly.

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An End to the Opioid Crisis

Most of us have a family member, friend, or neighbor who has been devastated by the opioid epidemic gripping Virginia and the nation. I am dedicated to stemming the availability of dangerous pills, educating medical professionals about more effective and less habit-forming pain management, and making Naloxone widely available. I will also work to address the root causes that lead people to abuse these drugs in an effort to end the suffering caused by opioids.

  • Opioid Epidemic: April understands that many people in our district are suffering from opioid addiction. Opioid addiction should be dealt with through compassion and treatment, rather than shame and incarceration.


Clean Energy and a Stable Climate

The green-technology industry is growing rapidly, generating many new, well-paying, stable jobs in solar and wind energy. I want to bring more of these jobs to the Shenandoah Valley. We will phase out the use of nineteenth-century fossil fuels, which are harmful to human health — the dirty the air we breathe and water we drink. Expanding the use of renewable resources is vital to creating a healthy, stable climate on which we can all depend. Read more about my love for the earth on the blog and hear about it on my interview with the WMRA. You can also hear my statement about the environment and the importance of preserving it for children in Virginia, the USA, and the world here.

  • Climate Change: April believes that climate change is the most urgent issue facing humanity. We need action at all levels: state, local, federal, as well as from the private sector. April believes that we must move away from dirty fossil fuels toward clean energy alternatives as rapidly as possible.
  • Environmental Protection: April believes that strong decisive action at all levels — state, local, and federal — is needed to protect our environment for future generations.

april at event talking with man

A Fair and Ethical State Government

Virginia has earned a D from the Center for Public Integrity. That means that, when it comes to lobbying disclosure, ethics enforcement, political financing, and public access to information, Virginia’s current government is not doing a good job of serving us, the citizens, fairly. I will work hard to institute enforceable ethical rules that ensure our state government is working for the people, not the big-monied interests.

  • Campaign Finance Reform: April supports campaign finance reform. Big money corrupts our democracy and weakens the voice of our citizens.
  • Gerrymandering: April supports the establishment of an independent, non-partisan commission to redraw district lines. Voters should be able to choose their politicians, not the other way around.

April will also fight for:

  • Broadband: April believes that all Virginians deserve reliable access to broadband services.
  • Farmers: Shenandoah Valley farmers work hard to provide the food products we need, and their efforts form an important share of our area’s economy.  April will work with them to ensure the state government helps rather than hurts the land and water under their stewardship.
  • Senior Housing: April knows that Virginia, unfortunately, is ranked one of the ten worst states in terms of housing for low income seniors. She wants to change that and would work to give seniors priority in HUD section 8 housing vouchers and create incentives for the building of more housing that is accessible for seniors.
  • Criminal Justice Reform: April will work to combat crime while also ensuring that our justice system treats all Virginians with fairness and compassion. She supports the full restoration of voting rights for felons who have paid their debt to society. 
  • LGBTQ+ Rights: Aprils knows we must ensure that LGBTQ+ people have the same rights and protections as those in the majority.
  • Hispanic Community: April wants to represent the Hispanic community. She has spoken publicly about her opposition to all efforts to divide Americans on the basis of race, religion, or national origin. Events at our southern border and the terrible shooting in El Paso represent the kind of politics of hate that has no place in the America and Virginia she believes in. We are all Americans and deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Universal Background Checks: April agrees with the majority of Americans who believe that universal background checks are an effective way to prevent gun violence.
  • Job Creation: April believes that the key to bringing good-paying, long-term, and high-quality jobs to the Shenandoah Valley is through investment in green technology, such as solar and wind energy. 
  • Green Jobs: April believes that the key to bringing well-paying, long-term, and high-quality jobs to the Shenandoah Valley is through investment in green technology, such as solar and wind energy. 
  • Small Business: April believes that small businesses are a proven generator of good, stable jobs. She supports state incentives to strengthen small businesses.
  • Living Wage: April knows that a livable wage creates higher rates of employment and reduces people’s reliance on social safety nets like food stamps. She will fight to incrementally raise the minimum wage in Virginia. 
  • Taxes: April believes in a tax system in which the rich pay their fair share.
  • Marijuana: April believes that Virginians should have access to safe and regulated adult use recreational cannabis. April will work to expunge criminal records for past nonviolent marijuana convictions.